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Taking advantage of as wide a range as possible, we work mainly with cow (also known as ox) horn, a variety of different stag's antler, ram's horn as well as buffalo and bison horn from much further afield.

We also make a lot of use of bone as well as a range of vegetable products including, for example, tagua nuts from South America which are also known as vegetable ivory.

Staghorn stock
Stag Horn
Cowhorn Stock
Cow Horn

Each of these types of material have their own special properties -some, similar in feature to our own finger nails, can be formed with heat and bent into different shapes, whilst others which are of bone form and rigid must be used without altering the shape of nature and yet another lends itself to turning, for example. All have in common, however, a tactile quality -which makes them unlike any other material. As well as looking beautiful when finished these materials all feel wonderful!

When it is finished, horn is highly polished and comes in an infinite range of colour mixes from black to cream. We mention this because it is almost impossible to match horn accurately- indeed one of the special attractions of horn is the uniqueness of each piece. Even six egg spoons made from the same horn will be similar but different.

In every case we can assure our clients, as well as other interested parties, that we do not buy material where the animal has been killed for its horn. 

The stag, for example, drop their horn every year and these antlers - called 'cast' - form our supply, the animal lives on year after year until like all of us he comes to the natural end of his life.

We will neither buy nor work any horn or tusk from any endangered species.

Ramshorn Stock
Ram's Horn



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